“Cybercrime is the greatest threat
to every company in the world”

In a world where companies continue to leverage online and cloud capabilities, effective cyber security is pivotal in ensuring organisation’s ability to protect its sustainability, reputation and assets. Although many C- Suite individuals may believe that their investment in technical solutions mean they are well protected from cyber attacks, the bitter reality is that companies must also adopt and implement an enterprise wide Cyber Security Strategy in order to combat against cyber threats. An effective cyber security strategy must work across an organisation’s security measures. It is also possible to make smart interventions in key areas of vulnerability to boost overall cyber security.

“There are only two different types of companies in the world: those that have been breached and know it and those that have been breached and don’t know it”

In addition, to counter the evolving cyber threats, businesses must ensure they have an integrated approach to cyber security tailored to their business and risk profile, addressing not only the technical aspects of their defence, but also the people and organisational elements.

Our mission is to provide a proven, practical, proactive, comprehensive and cost effective security methodology that help organisations avoid devastating breaches while delivering high-quality, innovative cyber security services and solutions that reduce risk across UAE. Hence, we have created a security framework that is capable to answer the question of how secure an organisation is now by measuring and developing its capability to DISRUPT, SLOW DOWN AND FRUSTRATE the external and internal adversaries.

This framework is 100% security focused and acts as a proven overlay for any other frameworks we use, whether are based on laws, regulations or standards. We implement this framework in three phases:

Vulnerability Management Program (VMP): the VMP is a dual mission phase for discovering vulnerabilities and remediation same, giving you a set of proactive tools that addresses the root cause of cyber breaches, as well as some of the reactive mechanisms in use today. Remember, there won’t be any cyber attacks if there were no exploitable vulnerabilities, so sorting vulnerabilities goes along way to reduce organisations attack surface.

External Threats Prevention Platform (ETPP): this phase aims to engaging proactive, preventative security controls that drastically reduces an organisation’s external attack surface.

Internal Threats Prevention, Detection and Response Platform: this phase deploys automated security controls that reduce an organisation’s internal attack surfaces, i.e. network segmentation, lateral movement disruption and automated incidents remediation and response without the need for laborious and complex logs aggregation.

"While a single vulnerability may not appear to pose a significant threat, a combination of such vulnerabilities may allow attackers to reach critical network resources. Sometimes, one single vulnerability is all an attacker needs."

Also, it is our mission to provide resilience to UAE’s critical information infrastructure by preparing public and private organisations to effectively handle emergencies and crises in a well-coordinated manner in order to fully recover from such situations while providing the level of services that are mandatory for their business survival.